This shelter cat hides herself from everyone… See the photos to know why…

Backpack, a shelter cat, was so terrified that she wouldn’t even show her face to anyone and refused to eat. When they got her a foster home, though, things changed.

Backpack the cat was stumbling around Philadelphia’s streets until she was discovered by a child. To keep the frightened cat safe, the kid stuffed her into a backpack and carried her to the shelter.

Backpack did everything she could to hide when she first arrived at the Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society (PAWS). Volunteers attempted to comfort her, but she curled up into a ball and buried her head in the volunteer’s arm as if attempting to blend into the background.

Despite our best efforts to calm her, she is afraid and shuts down,” PAWS writes on Facebook about Backpack. “She’s too sad to eat here… Despite her sadness, she accepts caressing and head rubs graciously.”

They eventually got Backpack to expose her gorgeous face after a little encouragement!

“She just arrived and has already gotten settled,” PAWS wrote on Facebook. She was too afraid to show her face or even eat in the shelter, but now that she’s in a family, she’s feeling more like herself!”

She began to relax and open up just a few minutes after arriving at her new foster home. “Things are going well so far. She’s been in her room for a few minutes and is looking about. Michelle, the foster mother, added, “Next up, something yummy to eat!”

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This shelter cat hides herself from everyone… See the photos to know why…
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