Scroll down to see the most memorable markings on the Internet’s most famous cats here…

There is no mistake about it: cats are the dominant species on the internet. Cute cat photographs and humorous cat videos are everywhere these days, and you can’t even log onto the internet without being bombarded with them.

Cats, in contrast to dogs, which can vary significantly in shape and size between breeds, are essentially the same as they always have been. Occasionally, though, mutations in the genes that control a cat’s fur pattern and color result in mutations that are both gorgeous and one-of-a-kind in appearance. In addition, it is unforgettable.

Here are some of the most well-known cats on the internet who have some of the most distinctive hair markings and patterns we’ve ever seen.

1. Wow, just wow.

2. This cat also has a mustache built-in.

3. This feline appears to be wearing cat ears.

4. Always worried…

5. 5. This cat’s markings approximate a recognizable shape.

6. So does this kitten’s fur.

7. Another lovecat.

8. You cannot dislike this face?

9. Or this one.

10. Care Bear.

11. This kitten has the hair of a grandmother.

12. This little guy is simply amazing.

13. This guy’s fur has a mesmerizing swirly pattern.

14. Venus, the cat with two faces, is a hybrid.

15. This cat always has a mask on.

16. This is not a raccoon!

17. This tenacious feline looks a lot like a tiger.

18. There’s a small monkey cuddling this cat from behind everywhere he walks!

19. Cat on a cat.

20. Take a close look. Is there a cat on this cat?

21. Just in case there’s any misunderstanding. The pattern on this small tabby’s coat spells out “cat” in her fur.

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Scroll down to see the most memorable markings on the Internet’s most famous cats here…
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