This cat has a surprisingly strange hobby, and there are two options why she does that… See the photos here to know what she loves to do…

If you have ever lost a sock or two, a draught excluder, or a toy fluffy elephant then Milly, Exeter’s hoarding cat, might just be able to help.

Milly is the ten-year-old pet of Angie Hannaford, 53, of Ivy Close Wonford, who has been perplexed by the strange prize her pet has brought home.
Angie has six cats in all, including Garfield, Patch, Harry, Roxy, and Willow, but Milly is the only one that brings everything from the strange to the fantastic home.

“I’ve had her since she was a kitten, and she’s always been a bit of a collector, the occasional glove or sock,” Angie explained, “but for some reason, it’s suddenly gotten a lot worse.” The oddest item was a lengthy draught excluder, which was recently discovered.
“I have no idea how she got it up the street, and I’m sure anyone who saw her carrying a draught excluder along must have wondered what was up.”
She simply brought it inside and left it at the front entrance.

“I’ve asked her to quit, but she says she can’t.” She’s a hilarious cat, and we adore her.” She recently left a small pink piggy and a small fluffy duck at the front and back doors, respectfully.
“She is fond of dusters and ducks.” “I have three of them, as well as two fluffy parrots, three elephants, someone’s cap, one shoe, and a pair of socks,” she says. She brought one sock one day and returned the next with the matching sock.

“I even had a brand-new ball of knitting wool with the label still on.”
“I have no idea where it’s all coming from, and I’ve tried Facebook to reunite them with their owners – but no one has responded, despite the fact that people are laughing.”

“I donated some to charity shops.”

Misty was pleased with Milly’s job, according to Angie, who also has two dogs, Misty and Shadow.
“One or two of the fluffy toys that arrived have been adopted by him.”

There are several theories as to why cats hoard things.

One theory proposes that cats actually believe they are the superior species. By default, this implies that we people are inferior and require special attention. When cats watch people cleaning their litter boxes and never hunting, this concept may be further developed. If this is the case, the gift is the cat’s way of expressing their willingness to look after their humans, even if they don’t appreciate it.

Another hypothesis proposes that these presents are provided as a token of gratitude for all the human does for the cat.
Then there’s the theory that cats just like gathering items and displaying off their “prey,” as if to remind humans that we’re not really needed in the feline world.

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This cat has a surprisingly strange hobby, and there are two options why she does that… See the photos here to know what she loves to do…
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