More than $80,000 has been raised for a cat found with an arrow in its skull… Read on for more details…

Thanks to an outpouring of compassion for a cat hurt by an arrow, more animals will receive much-needed assistance. Cupid, the cat’s name, is still healing, but he’s doing fine.

After bringing the cat in from West Virginia, the Animal Welfare League of Arlington requested $6,500 in donations to pay medical bills.

More than $80,000 has been given since then.

The extra funds will go to a fund that provides for specialist care for the animals, according to Chelsea Jones of the organization. “With this money, we’re going to be able to save so many lives,” Jones remarked.

“We’ve been able to say ‘yes’ for a long time now, which is going to be wonderful,” Jones remarked. She also mentioned that the fund had lately been depleted.

Jones said they’ve already used some of the funds to pay for another cat’s eye surgery.

The 5-inch arrow that managed to miss Cupid’s eyes and brain required roughly two hours to remove during Cupid’s operation. Cupid’s drains, which were inserted in to help control an infection, were removed on Friday by vets. More good news: Cupid’s infection was not antibiotic-resistant, according to the results of the bacterial test.

His stitches are set to come out the following week.

“We’re optimistic that he’ll make a full recovery,” Jones said.

Cupid isn’t ready for adoption yet, but that hasn’t prevented folks from all across the country from asking about him, according to Jones. After he heals, he could be available for adoption in a week or two.

It has yet to be decided how Cupid’s location will be handled.

The Potomac Highlands Animal Rescue Group discovered him in West Virginia, not far from the Virginia line. When the Animal Welfare League of Arlington couldn’t afford to pay for surgery, they stepped in.

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More than $80,000 has been raised for a cat found with an arrow in its skull… Read on for more details…
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