A rescue cat demands this every night before going to bed… Check out the photos to see what it is…

Selina is a sweet cat whose owners abandoned her on the streets. Thankfully, she was rescued by a loving family who took her into their home. Selina has had a particular link with her father since then, and he has always been her favorite person. Selina and her father adore each other. They have such a deep bond that they do everything together.

They accidentally played a wonderful game one night after her father arrived home from work, and it has now become their nightly routine. Selina was relaxing in a box, one of her favorite things to do, when her father decided to move it. He didn’t just move the box; he also dragged it around the house. And, of course, Selina was ecstatic.

“He wanted to move the box one night while she was in it, and the next minute she was in the box enjoying the time of her life, so now he keeps at least two boxes upstairs for her to ride in,” Krishnan explained.

Selina and her adoring father now have a nightly routine before retiring to bed. She waits for him to get home from work at the door, then follows him about wherever he goes, waiting for him to demand a ride in her box. She hops into her box and lets her father pull her around for a while once he’s ready.

It’s a fantastic way to end the day, and Selina won’t sleep without it. Selina will meow and meow until her father pulls the box if he doesn’t participate in the routine. She is too attached to their routine to ever let him forget it.

Selina adores her father and enjoys taking rides in her box. Her father, of course, adores her and enjoys their nightly routine just as much as she does. Whatever happens, he will do everything he can to make Selina happy.

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