Photographs of cats that are hilariously unprepared for parenthood… Scroll down here for some fun…

At some time in their lives, most females want to raise children; whether they choose to adopt or give birth to one is entirely up to them. The life of “Motherhood” is not simple, and no matter how prepared one thinks they are, they still tend to overlook a few loopholes that come with experience and being there with the kid. However, for some moms, the pre- and post-pregnancy period is a really magical time. They are the ideal planners who have everything planned out and have considered all of the possible outcomes.

While this is true for women, female cats are similar in that they have their own cognitions that enable them to consider all of the possibilities. Their maternal instincts might make them want to have the prettiest kitten and nurture it in the most refined way possible. Others, on the other hand, are unable to grasp the situation, which may lead to “mother fatigue,” even in cats.

These images are a perfect representation of all the cats who are ill-equipped to deal with the responsibilities of parenthood.

1. An entire compilation of disappointment and exhaustion.

2. The over-protective mother who loves their child!

3. The face of terror when you find out about your unexpected pregnancy.

4. The doggo is enjoying it a bit too much.

5. That moment of being in a midlife crisis and the cherry on top, baby kittens.

6. They all need a few hours of sleep to refuel.

7. She is just contemplating her life decisions a bit too much.

8. The father cat just needs a couple, too many drinks to fade into his bachelor life.

9. Even with adoption, moms get tired of the hectic routine.

10. Who needs a crib, when you can rest on your fluffy and comfy mom!

11. The annoyed face of feeling like a milk factory machine.

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Photographs of cats that are hilariously unprepared for parenthood… Scroll down here for some fun…
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