A man took a nap outside and woke up with… Read on here to learn more…

Ali Safe intended to go out of his residence in Canberra, Australia, on a pleasant relaxing day to enjoy some sunlight and have a sleep. When he awakened, though, he was shocked to see a stray cat lying on his tummy. “I was asleep on our house’s balcony, and I woke up two hours later to find her peacefully snoozing on my stomach,” Safa told in an interview.

Safa first mistook the sleeping animal for a rat, but upon closer inspection, he discovered a little white kitten. His tummy was strewn with a cat with bald pink ears and unclean small paws. When he gazed down at the stray cat, she had stolen his heart.

Safa had seen a lot of stray animals in his area, but this time was different because a stray cat selected him. He took a snap picture of the cat while being cautious not to wake her. “I’ve never had a pet, and I’m a bit of a loner, so I don’t have a lot of friends,” Safa said. “I kept hearing the “purr” sound cats make when she was sleeping, and it was the prettiest crap I had ever heard.”

When the cat first awoke, she stepped down from the couch, glanced at Safa, and began meowing constantly. Safa assumed she was hungry, so he offered her the chicken wings. He brought her inside for a wash after finishing the meal to prepare for a trip to the vet clinic. Fortunately, the kitten was unharmed and lacked a microchip.

Safa made the decision to adopt her and took her to the local grocery to get cat food and a few toys. The stray cat has found a loving home and has been given the name Angel, and Safa has made a new companion that will never leave his side. “All I can say is that she is the most entertaining cat I have ever met,” Safa added. “All she does is follow me around all day, begging for pets or to play.”

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A man took a nap outside and woke up with… Read on here to learn more…
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