A rescued kitten transforms the life of a little boy suffering from anxiety… Watch their story to know how…

This is a nice story about a boy and a cat who live happily ever after. The kid had anxiety difficulties, but as soon as the cat entered his life, his nervousness disappeared. The cat offered peace to the child and helped him overcome his panic attacks. For this child, the cat is essentially a sort of rehabilitation. He spends his days with the cat, happy and at peace. This 3-week-old foster cat approached a 7-year-old child and assumed the role of guardian angel.


Selena, a woman, and her family are a foster family for mother cats with kittens. However, there are certain restrictions: they are not allowed to retain any so that they may continue to foster additional animals in need.


But then a three-week-old cat appeared and fell in love with their kid. When he was upset, he flashed him the brightest grin, and they realized they had to keep them together. Selena said in an interview, “I have a kid who suffers from excessive anxiety and mood problem.” They were fostering kittens at the time, and one of them chose to become his little guardian angel.


Jonathan had his first anxious panic attack when he was seven years old. “The tiniest of the seven kittens went up to him and immediately got on him,” Selena said in the interview. “He came to a complete halt and smiled from ear to ear.”


Zenawell, the small kitten, could hardly move, yet she was able to give the young boy so much comfort. “Zenawell never left his sight that day, and when he’s terrified, she’s right there meowing at him, climbing on him, clinging to his life.”


“He has anxiety issues, but when you give him his kitty, he becomes a new kid.” For him, she is a therapeutic kitty. My kid now has a lifelong companion, and his anxiety is almost non-existent.” Zena has been his best friend and has supported him through his difficult moments. When they saw their link, the rules were thrown out the window.


“He was unwell one day, and she sat with him all day. She brings out the best in him,” Selena said in the interview. “Now when he cries, she rushes up to him or begins paw rubbing his leg, and that’s when they wrap themselves around, but she never uses claws.”


“She’ll go to any length to keep him from weeping, and she’s not afraid of him when he’s nervous. She rushes in and does all she can to stop him. She’s my little savior, and we’re so fortunate to have her.”

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A rescued kitten transforms the life of a little boy suffering from anxiety… Watch their story to know how…
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