The floating cat shelter is a unique sight in Amsterdam and the only one in the world… See how it looks here…

Amsterdam is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Europe. It is, after all, quite justified. There are numerous attractions to explore in the city, including one that may come as a surprise – a floating cat shelter. Instead of visiting a coffee shop or the Red Light District the next time you’re in Amsterdam, take the opportunity to view something that’s rarely found anywhere else in the world.

It’s called De Poezenboot (which translates to “cat boat”), and it’s the world’s only floating cat refuge. Despite their hatred of water, cats like spending time on De Poezenboot. While the cat shelter was created in 1966 and is presently closed due to the epidemic, you may still adopt a cat by setting up a meeting.

Originally, the floating cat shelter served as a typical cat shelter. In 1966, Henriette van Weelde became aware of a family of cats that had taken up residence beneath a nearby tree. She took them in, and after a short period of time, another stray was welcomed. Henriette enjoyed spending time with her cats, which led to her being dubbed “The Cat Lady” by her friends and family.

Her abode became too tiny for the cats after a while. She devised a plan to transport her cats on a boat, and since her home front a canal, she decided to purchase one. In 1968, she purchased a Dutch boat and began re-decorating it for the cats. De Poezenboot ultimately became a floating cat refuge and tourist attraction as the number of cats increased year after year.

At the moment, it is home to around 50 stray cats and serves as a sanctuary for abandoned and mistreated felines as well. If you are interested in adopting a cat from them, you can get in contact with them via their website and schedule an appointment. We’re certain that you’ll like it.

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The floating cat shelter is a unique sight in Amsterdam and the only one in the world… See how it looks here…
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