Catlike again: a kitten’s fur begins to re-grow after his… Read on and watch the photos here to learn more…

After being discovered after a violent storm, a kitten started to regrow his fur and resemblance to a cat. Best Friends Felines (in Brisbane) was approached earlier this year about a litter of kittens in serious need of care.

“These fellas, not quite a week old, were discovered in the midst of a major storm in a well-known (cat) colony region, and the area began to flood,” Nikki of Best Friends Felines told in an interview.

The kittens were shivering cold and hungry since there was no indication of a mother cat. The phone was answered by a member of the Best Friends Felines team, who immediately went to work.

The kittens were placed in a foster home after a tough journey, where they were fed and kept warm. They didn’t have to worry about food or shelter for the first time in their life.

Kate, the foster volunteer, observed that one of the kittens, Coyote, was losing a lot of his fur after around two weeks. His tuxedo coat soon wore away to the point that his flesh could be seen on his back, belly, and head.

Coyote was the only kitten that had considerable hair loss while being otherwise healthy. He kept out-eating, wrestling, and out-running his siblings.

“It was most likely nutrient-based,” Nikki said in an interview, “due to a hard start in life with mom not having much in the way of decent food or enough food to maintain the infants.”

Coyote was the tiniest and least fluffy kitten of the litter, yet he turned out to be the most furious ball of energy in the whole bunch of them. Coyote has always been a little bit of a troublemaker and a lot of fun from the day he was taken into foster care.

He enjoyed wrestling and pounces on his siblings, despite the fact that he wasn’t very skilled at it. According to what we’ve seen, he believes he is at least six feet tall in his own mind.

Coyote was the smallest of his litter, yet he was the bravest and most cuddly of them all. After a rocky start and many weeks in foster care, Coyote had grown to the point where he was ready to find a home of his own. Once his profile was made public, he was promptly adopted, and once his vet work was finished, he was reunited with his permanent family.

Coyote is enjoying the time of his life with his forever people, and he is continuing to enjoy each and every day to its utmost.

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Catlike again: a kitten’s fur begins to re-grow after his… Read on and watch the photos here to learn more…
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