After being rescued at only three days old, this kitten… Scroll down for photos and learn more about her story…

At the age of three days, a kitten was saved. She was the tiniest kitten in her litter, yet she had the most outgoing spirit. Caroline Grace, the founder of Baby Kitten Rescue in Los Angeles, was alerted to a litter of three kittens in need of immediate assistance. They were only three days old and needed 24-hour critical care.

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Because the shelter lacked the means to assist them, they turned to local rescue organizations for aid. Caroline was the one who answered the phone and took them on. The kittens were unclean and flea-infested, and they were in bad health. They were pulled back from the brink after a few days of meticulous care. Anna, the smallest of the litter, was the boldest of them all.

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Anna was ready to shout out for attention as soon as three of them were back on their feet. Caroline told in an interview, “She was the tiniest of the kittens in height and weight, but the largest in personality.  She had a deep voice and could inform when she was hungry.”

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“She would scream at the top of her lungs as soon as she felt the incubator door open. She was the biscuit queen and had the loudest purr.” Anna was a feisty eater who screamed for quicker service until she had a firm grip on the bottle. She turned on her purr motor and rolled on her back for strokes and rubs once she finished eating.

She was the last kitten to completely open her eyes, but once she did, she was ready to leave her nest and become the brave little adventurer she had been destined to be. She wanted to be a part of whatever her siblings were doing and was constantly trying to outplay and outpace them.

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Caroline told in an interview, “She is incredibly talkative and will stare you in the eyes and meow at you until you come play with her or cuddle with her. She has the loveliest fur and enjoys being cuddled and hugged. She just wants to be with you or purr on your lap.”

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Anna might be fiery when she was playing, but when she needed to unwind, she’d happily snuggle up on her foster mother’s lap and purr away. “We were able to offer her with the specialized care and assistance she required as an orphaned infant, so she gets to enjoy a long and happy life.”

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“Her new parents have adored her since she came at Baby Kitten Rescue,” Caroline wrote.

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“Her new house will feature two kitty brothers, a catio, and climbing shelves on the walls. I’m certain she’ll offer her new family a lot of happiness and affection.” Anna, who has now been called Alluka, came into her new home earlier this month and is settling in well. She went on a tour of the home and played with the new toys right away.

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Alluka’s humans awoke to the sweetest little purr machine sharing their bed after her first night in her new home. Alluka’s people wrote, “She slept with us and instantly began cooking biscuits when she woke up. She’s just what we’ve been searching for to suit us and our two sons. Not to add that she’s stunning.”

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After being rescued at only three days old, this kitten… Scroll down for photos and learn more about her story…
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