A woman was feeding two stray cats, and here’s how they express their thankfulness to her…

The woman had been feeding two stray siblings, and before she realized it, they had brought their eight kittens over!

The two mama cats are Apollo (who is on the right) and Artemis (who is on the left)

The good news is that the stray cats are no longer considered stray! They were taken in and provided a very secure environment in which to raise their children! The lucky persons picked to foster the feline family were Thi, Thoa, and Tram Bui from Lilo, the Husky!

Soon after, the kittens were given names. Apollo’s kittens, Reese, Phantom, Salem, and Stella, are shown here.

Casper, Kit Kat, Jack, and Wenda are the names of Artemis’ children.

What a sweetie! These four have a lovely new house, right next to their mother, and no longer have to worry about living on the streets!

This group is a week or so younger than Apollo’s infants. Bui isn’t sure how Artemis and Apollo ended up like stray cats, but both are extremely sociable.

While the two mama cats are nursing their kittens, Bui explained, they will frequently cuddle each other!

When one of the two moms is eating or resting, they will take turns babysitting. According to Bui, this house was bursting at the seams with cuteness!

It is undeniable that Bui was picked. If she wasn’t a good, decent person, the two mama cats would not have brought all of their kittens to her. Animals constantly seem to be aware of human activity. Bui was overjoyed to report that all eight kittens had found loving forever homes.

Apollo and Artemis, thankfully, have a loving home and have remained together!

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A woman was feeding two stray cats, and here’s how they express their thankfulness to her…
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