A stray cat was about to be put down simply because she was “ugly”… Scroll down here to know more…

Lori Farris, a Florida teacher, recently performed a great act. The 50-year-old prevented the death of an unfortunate cat that was about to be put down for being too “ugly.” The poor kitten was infested with fleas and smeared in mud when Farris brought it in from the street. In a few days, she bathed it and brought it to the vet, where it was determined that the unfortunate infant had intestinal parasites and eye diseases. On top of that, it was born with a deformed face.

According to the veterinarian, the kitten will very certainly be put down at the shelter. Adoption calamity was on the horizon since the animal was unwell and seemed to be out of the ordinary. If it hadn’t been for Lori, it would very certainly have occurred.

Lori, on the other hand, was not about to let that happen to Willow, the kitten in question. She didn’t give a damn about its face deformities and was determined to get to the bottom of the other issues. It  took Willow a long time  to develop into a wonderful and unique cat, but she did. She’s in excellent condition right now and enjoying life to the fullest with Lori’s pet dog.

She considers her choice to take in Willow to be one of the finest decisions she has ever made in her life. She’s a cheerful kitty, and she and her closest friend Ella the Boxer have amassed a following of more than 100,000 people on their Instagram account.

We’re relieved that she’s leading a respectable life, and we’re even more relieved that individuals like Lori still exist.

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A stray cat was about to be put down simply because she was “ugly”… Scroll down here to know more…
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