This cat stayed alone after 17 years of care… Watch the video to know why and what happened to her later…

“Cinnamon came to us angry, confused, and full of hatred after being abandoned at the age of 17, after losing everything, and being humiliated and mistreated,” according to a video posted on YouTube by The Orphen Pet. “And while we were convinced that her days were numbered, she not only survived but thrived, which was completely unexpected.”

After 17 years of loving care, her owners, an elderly couple who had cared for her for 17 years, passed away within months of each other. Cinnamon was abandoned and forced to live with relatives, which was a living nightmare for her.

She was beaten and abused as she was pursued around with sticks. She was kicked out of her home when she was 17 years old and left to fend for herself.

Fortunately, she was taken in by the Orphen Pet.

The first few months were very difficult. Cinnamon was enraged, afraid, and lonely at the same time. Her caregivers supplied her with the space she need, as well as food and drink, as well as a warm place to reside.

During the course of several months, Cinnamon gradually began to emerge from her shell. She began to eat in front of her new family, began to walk around the room instead of hiding in the corner, and even began to meow when her humans sat next to her at the dinner table.

She enjoyed sitting in front of the window and soaking up the sunshine. She began to feel comfortable in her own skin again, and she began to think that her new family would not betray her trust.

She started to play and developed into the curious little cat she had always been.

Then something miraculous happened. Her new family was permitted to pet her!

“I’ll never forget the first time I reached out and touched her with my hand. The more I touched her, the more she purred, and the more she purred, the happier I felt.”

Cinnamon, unfortunately, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Cinnamon’s new family isn’t sure how much longer she has, but they’re grateful to be able to provide her with a home where she may live out the rest of her days.

“She will die at home, no matter what. We all adore her, and she reciprocates our feelings. That love will be the last thing she remembers from her life’s terrible path.”

Below is an incredible and uplifting video.

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This cat stayed alone after 17 years of care… Watch the video to know why and what happened to her later…
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