This cat received help and can see again… Check out the photos to see how amazing her eyes actually are…

When a nice Samaritan came across a blind cat living outside, he decided to rescue him and bring him some much-needed treatment!

Cotton was able to see again because of this great second opportunity, and he stunned everyone with how beautiful his eyes are!

When he was discovered walking outside a residence in Royal Palm Beach, Florida, his journey to recovery began.

Joe, the property’s owner, went outside and couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw what he saw.

“He claimed Cotton appeared out of nowhere and began eating from the cat’s food bowl. Cotton appeared really hungry as if he hadn’t eaten in days,” observed Carmen Weinberg, founder of Animal Friends Project.

It didn’t take long for the man to see that the cat had developed a severe case of mange. The poor kitty’s eyes were crusted shut and he was practically blind!

As a result, Joe dashed to his residence to get a carrier and planned to stuff it with food. Cotton was so hungry that he walked directly inside the carrier without asking any questions!
Following that, Joe decided to make an appeal on Facebook in a local group, but it appeared that no one could help.
Finally, Carmen came across the post through a friend and jumped at the chance to help.

Carmen had previously treated cats suffering from the same illness, so she felt she had to step in and help.

“I drove to pick him up early the next morning. “I rushed him to my veterinarian, Justin Bartlett Animal Hospital, right away, and they confirmed that he had mange and was severely dehydrated and starved,” Carmen explained.

Cotton couldn’t open his eyes because of the condition, and he’d been going around fully blind for who knows how long.

“All the while they were examining him, he purred!” We returned home after he received antibiotics, a dose of Revolution, and water. Fortunately, I had a spare bathroom available for him to use.

“Cotton was really thin, but he ate well and was in excellent spirits.” He must have known that we were attempting to assist him, and he enjoyed being stroked.

The crusty material on his ears began to flake off within a few days, and this brave little kid was well on his way to recovery!

“We applied coconut oil to his skin to ease it and provided him with plenty of water and canned food to keep him nourished.” Cotton remained slumped over for days and appeared to be in pain. It was difficult to watch him in that state, knowing that only time could heal him.

“Slowly but steadily, he began to acquire weight. The fact that he had one blue and one yellow eye was a pleasant surprise. His hair began to come back.”

And now, only a few months later, look at him!

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This cat received help and can see again… Check out the photos to see how amazing her eyes actually are…
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