An ignored kitten trapped in traffic on Christmas eve is thankful that someone finally… For more, scroll down…

This year’s Christmas Eve was packed with surprises! I’m spending the holidays with my family in Arkansas, and a childhood buddy phoned me yesterday with an unexpected request.  “Have a merry Christmas… I also need your assistance with a cat,” he said.

On Christmas Eve, he observed a little cat racing across a busy roadway. No one seemed to notice the kitten, much less stop and help it.

Everyone looked to be too preoccupied with last-minute shopping or hurrying to Christmas gatherings to be concerned about the kitty.

Continue reading to learn how a kind stranger spared this adorable kitty from a terrible destiny.

Justin, one of my friends, quickly placed his vehicle in park and started luring the kitty toward him. The kitten was frightened and bolted towards Justin’s car, disappearing from view.

Justin remembered, “I saw him sprint toward my car, but suddenly he vanished.” Justin, on the other hand, was causing jam in the center of the road. He peered over his tires just as he believed he had no option but to give up the quest…

The kitten was terrified and curled up on top of the car’s tire. Justin hurried back to his car, scooping up the cat and wrapping him in an old towel.

When the kitty was swaddled into a purrito, his demeanor instantly altered. He purred with joy now that he was secure and warm in his rescuer’s arms.

He could relax knowing that he was in capable hands! This was the most difficult portion finished, but Justin was now faced with a new obstacle. He didn’t know what he was going to do with the kitten.

Justin came home with the cat and introduced his wife to their special visitor. Despite the fact that the kitten was far safer in his house than on the side of the road, Justin and his wife were faced with a difficult decision.

They were worried about the kitten’s safety in the presence of their anxious dog. For the time being, the best they could do was keeping the kitten in a kennel on their back porch.

Justin phoned me at that point. I drove over with materials to assist them in temporarily housing the kitten until I could find him a foster home after the holidays. When I met the kitty, everything changed…

The kitten, now named Pokie, was extremely affectionate and purred non-stop. I thought that it shouldn’t stay in a kennel. It’s not its place to stay. I took Pokie home, hoping that my parents wouldn’t mind it.

Pokie won over my dad and sister in a matter of seconds. It’s impossible not to smile when Pokie curls up in your arms and gazes into your eyes. Pokie is a Christmas miracle for us!

I can’t keep him for very long, no matter how delighted I am to having him with me for the holidays.

He’ll be placed for adoption and ready to go home with someone special after he’s neutered and vaccinated.

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An ignored kitten trapped in traffic on Christmas eve is thankful that someone finally… For more, scroll down…
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