A pirate cat couldn’t find a forever home because of… Read on to now why…

Wesley is a cute little kitty with one eye and a lovely grin on his face who looks like a pirate. Every day he waited in the shelter for his forever home, but no one seemed to notice him until the day he met someone who saw the beauty in this unique little boy.

“A few days after Wesley was dropped off, I met him for the first time” (at the shelter). Wesley’s human told Love Meow, “I was in love, but I couldn’t afford him yet, and I just KNEW he’d be adopted in no time.”

“I was surprised to discover he hadn’t been adopted when I returned to the shelter around 6 months later!”

“A lot of people didn’t think he was very attractive, and because of his congestion difficulties, he was labeled special needs.”

“I took him home, and the rest is history,” says the reporter.

The small pirate face of Wesley is a complete enigma. “Nobody knows for sure how I became so handsome-I may have been born this way, lucky, or I may have suffered some form of harm to the side of my face,” he posted on Instagram. But my swashbuckling human fell in love with me, and now I live a happy life of pillaging and plundering, mainly hairbands and cat snacks, of course.”

“Now he spends every lunch break on their front porch with his human. “It’s the small things in life.”

There is no such thing as an imperfect cat.

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A pirate cat couldn’t find a forever home because of… Read on to now why…
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