This stray ginger cat turned a homeless man’s life around… Watch the video to find out how…

James Bowen is a street performer who collaborates with his cat Bob. They make a fantastic team, but James had no idea when he met Bob that their friendship would transform their lives forever.

James had a difficult upbringing. He was a drug addict and a homeless person who slept wherever he could. He ate out of trash cans and begged for money on every street corner.

All of that changed when he met Bob, a kitten he named. He came upon the ginger stray in an apartment building and the two hit it off right away. However, because the kitten was unwell, James decided to take it home with him and nurse him back to health.

James squandered everything he had in order for Bob to improve. This included numerous trips to the veterinarian, but he refused to abandon his pal. James had intended to place Bob for adoption once he was feeling better, but he never had the heart to do so. He eventually recognized that they were inextricably linked.

James and Bob are now performing together on the streets of London and doing quite well. The odd combination has captured the hearts of many and has become well-known. A journalist approached James and asked if she could write a book on him, to which he agreed to. The book “A Street Cat Named Bob” has become an international hit, with sales in 26 countries.

On the big screen, James and Bob’s story was also immortalized. In 2016, a film based on the novel was released in London, giving James a worldwide celebrity. It was even nominated for an award!

Take a look at James and Bob’s London performance:

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This stray ginger cat turned a homeless man’s life around… Watch the video to find out how…
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