This cat has become the gym’s official mascot… Can you guess why from the photos below?…

Every day, this gym cat shows up to welcome and support the gym rats!

A tired and unmotivated woman dragged herself to the gym, and when she got out, she felt a surge of new energy. It wasn’t simply the exercise, though, that made her feel better. She even claims she owes everything to a cat!

“So, after a particularly stressful week, I decided to go to the gym, despite the fact that all I wanted to do was sleep as soon as I got home.” Last night, this guy came into my gym and made my entire week better, almost bringing me to tears,” says a gym rat.

She adores animals, but she recently relocated and is now unable to keep them in her new home!

Meet LB, the gym cat!

“Everyone that works here has been really welcoming of LB. We try to make sure he gets petted in between reps and that he doesn’t get in the way, although he’s lazy as hell, so we don’t have to worry about him getting under anyone while we lift.”

He’s now the gym’s official mascot, and he’s free to come and go as he pleases. He’s also not obliged to have a membership!

“We figured he walked gone this weekend after he came around last week, but he came in like a bat out of hell yesterday mid-workout.” I couldn’t snap a picture of him yesterday since he insisted on everyone knowing he was there and that they owed him cuddles, he’s a diva. He was really chill today and sat out with me for about 15 minutes during my warm-up before wandering off to find some mice.”

He’s incredibly affectionate and encouraging to everyone at the gym!

“To tell you the truth, this cat has kept me motivated to go to the gym.” I’m a slug, but I believe my affection for cats is stronger.”

Isn’t LB the coolest cat on the block?

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This cat has become the gym’s official mascot… Can you guess why from the photos below?…
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