From a scaredy-cat to the boss of the place… Read on about this cat’s inspiring story below…

This cute kitty went from being a scaredy-cat cowering beneath the fire station’s racks to becoming their fuzzy, adoring mascot in no time!

On a cold day a year ago, she just showed up at FDNY (Fire Department of New York) Station 57. It was as though she sensed that this was exactly where she belonged!

She was first wary and cautious, and she didn’t want anyone to touch her. She gradually came around with a lot of love and a little patience from the individuals who worked there.

Of course, the seemingly unending quantity of food and gifts she was given undoubtedly aided her greatly! This photograph was shot about the time she realized she could genuinely appreciate the folks who already adored her.

She also appears to have a thing for laying on mats. Despite the fact that they got her a beautiful new one, she still prefers to sleep outside the captain’s office on an old, worn-out one.

“When she moved in, she took care of our mouse problem, so we named her Killer.” Station57 commented, “We were having a contest to find her a nicer name, but then she started bringing home rats.”

She isn’t the type to rely on others for meals. Probably because she recognizes that with so many caring human pals in her life, she will finally obtain whatever she desires!

Killer also seems to have a talent for catching mice, since the station is now “rodent-free” for the first time in its history!

“It’s a win-win situation for everyone.”

She adores having her hair brushed…

So it appears that the Killer is in charge these days.

It’s still unclear whether the heroes who work at this particular fire station rescued the Killer, or if she, ironically, saved them!

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From a scaredy-cat to the boss of the place… Read on about this cat’s inspiring story below…
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