This labrador met the tiny kitten at her worst days… Read on to know what happened later…

Meet Barney, the labrador, and Ava, the tiny kitten.

Aside from being cute and furry, they don’t appear to have much in common at first glance. Their hard beginnings in life, however, have drawn them together and formed an unshakable relationship.

Ava was discovered very cold and abandoned in a garden in London when she was just a few days old. Things didn’t appear to be going well. She would have perished if she hadn’t been rushed to Battersea Dogs & Cats Home right away.

The kitten was taken in by dedicated Battersea Vet Nurse Megan Goldring, who had to hand-feed little Ava every two hours and keep her warm and toasty until she arrived at the center. Ava first met Barney there at the center.

Barney is a three-year-old Labrador. He was born on a puppy farm and later given to owners who couldn’t handle a boisterous dog. Later his owners dropped him off in Battersea, where he met Rachel Ab’dee, the Head Nurse.

Rachel fell head over heels in love with Barney and adopted him shortly after.

When Barney and Ava first met, they had an instant connection. Barney happily agreed to babysit Ava, allowing her to sleep in his bed, rest on his paws, and play with his tail.

Barney takes his role as a dad very seriously. He now spends the majority of his days hugging and playing with Ava, as well as keeping a tight check on her throughout the Battersea office to ensure she is safe at all times.

“Barney adores Ava and looks forward to seeing her every morning when he comes into Battersea,” Rachel reveals.

“It’s also excellent for Ava, who doesn’t have a mother, brothers, or sisters, so Barney has become her best friend and favorite playmate.’ It’s fantastic to see them so happy together and to know that their darkest days are over.”

Just an adorable couple!

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This labrador met the tiny kitten at her worst days… Read on to know what happened later…
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