Catman, a five-year-old superhero who helps homeless cats… Read on here to learn more…

We all desire a hero, and cats, particularly stray cats, are no different. Shon Griffin, a 5-year-old from Philadelphia, is our today’s hero. His aunt, Kris Papiernik told ABC News, “We nickname him Catman.”

Aunty Kris and her fiancée had been active in cat rescue and fostering for a long time, and had lately taken on the responsibility of caring after a local group known as the Kolony Kats.

 Bug, one of the cats, did not comply when it came to vaccinations and neutering. Aunty Kris said, “Nothing we attempted worked.” She had seen, however, that her nephew Shon had established an immediate relationship with the cats and had allowed him to assist her.

“The cats were immediately attracted to him. Bug immediately approached Shon, caressed his legs, and let him to touch him.”

Shon was Catman from that day on. He visits his aunt and the Kat Kolony on a regular basis, dressed as his favorite superhero and feeding and caressing the cats as well as assisting with any difficulties that may happen.

Even the most hostile cats are lured to him and can’t resist his enticements.

“He’d scratch their stomachs and their heads.” It was incredible to watch these kitties that wouldn’t let us touch them yet took to him right away.

In an interview, Aunty Kris said, “He must have this magical power that the cats can pick up on.”

So, if you’re stranded on the streets of Philadelphia, freezing, hungry, and on heat, with bugs in your fur, who are you going to call? Catman, you are correct!

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Catman, a five-year-old superhero who helps homeless cats… Read on here to learn more…
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