A kitten attempts to draw attention to herself at the animal shelter through adorable “window washing”… Watch the video here…

A cat attempts to attract attention at the adoption center by performing charming “window cleaning.” Baklava, a tabby kitten, and her brother Cobbler were brought into Pets in Need (in Redwood City, California) by their owners. Considering that they were newborn kittens, they need constant attention.

They started to flourish in the safety of a foster home, and they developed into healthy, lively kittens as a result of the efforts of volunteers. By the time she was nine weeks old, Baklava was large enough to be placed for adoption, and she and her brother were brought to the adoption center to wait for their future families.

Even though Baklava lives in a nice cat apartment, she yearns for the continuous attention of her human companions.

Her front paws go up and down the window every time someone walks by, waving wildly at them in greeting. She won’t stop until she’s cuddled up on a warm lap.

Baklava’s brother, Cobbler, was adopted after just one week, but Baklava remained outside the window, hoping that someone would come and take her home. Week after week, she found herself frantically waving in hopes of attracting someone’s notice.

“It’s pretty strange that no one has adopted her yet,” WJ Lin, a volunteer of Pets in Need, told in an interview. “Some of the other volunteers have complimented on her lovely “window cleaning” style.”

She is the happiest kitten anytime she is in the company of another, receiving belly rubs and cuddles. She loves her human buddies and can’t seem to get enough of them to pay her any attention. Her cute little quirk, plenty of love, and attitude have volunteers melting.

They rotate taking turns hanging out with Baklava in the playroom, where she adores scampering about and investigating every nook and corner of the place. Baklava is energetic, interested, and fast on her feet. When she’s in action, she’s a rowdy tiny tiger, but when she comes near to her humans, she melts into mush.

For added comfort, she prefers to grasp both her human’s hand and her blanket at the same time. Watch her adorable video here:

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A kitten attempts to draw attention to herself at the animal shelter through adorable “window washing”… Watch the video here…
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