These two kitties stole two soldiers’ hearts in service… Read on to know about their fate…

While deployed overseas, two cats captured the hearts of two servicemen. When it came time to go home, they knew they couldn’t leave the kittens there.

“Puff and Tigris were born on a base in Kuwait,” one of the servicemen told. Their mother had secreted her babies beneath an office building on the base, and it didn’t take long for the kittens to start wandering around and befriending the soldiers.”

Puff, a ginger cat, and Tigris, a calico cat, captivated the hearts of two American troops serving at the post. When the soldiers returned to the workplace, they were always looking forward to seeing them.

Puff’s rescuer wrote:

“As the deployment progressed, I grew increasingly connected to the litter, particularly the only long-haired girl, whom I had already begun to call Puff. She had always been wary of everyone and was dubbed “Skittish” by the day shift, but she seemed to warm up to me right away. She warmed up to me once I started thinking about adopting her and paid more attention to her exclusively, and I decided to try to make it work soon after. Having the kittens around has helped to keep my mind in check. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to bring her home, but the more I looked into potential roadblocks, the more likely it seemed.”

The kitties provided caresses and snuggles to their human buddies, making them feel at ease.

“Tigris adores being petted and cuddled, and he’ll tell you all about it!” I can’t begin to express how much joy and laughter Tigris has offered me throughout this deployment. Throughout my time here, my fiance has told me how grateful she is that I have kittens to keep me company, and I couldn’t agree more. She’s been a true blessing, and I’d love to provide her with the home she deserves!” “Says one of the soldiers.”

They rapidly became the troops’ closest companions, providing them with the warmth and love they required. No matter how bad their day had been, the kittens always managed to put a smile on their faces.

The two guys came to an agreement: the two kittens who had adopted them would have to return to America.

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These two kitties stole two soldiers’ hearts in service… Read on to know about their fate…
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