Who rescued whom? Read about the heartwarming story of a depressed man and a lost cat here…

Depression is a dark and lonely place to be, and letting anyone in can be tough. Derpton89, a Reddit/Imgur member, rescued a seriously ill kitten, and his care became a whole shining light in the darkness.

Dante, the cat he named, was depending on him for his very existence. Seeing him increase in strength gave him a sense of accomplishment. Even better, it provided him with a brand new lifelong friend.

Dante’s mother is said to have left her three kittens in an alleyway, leaving them cold, sick, and hungry. Dante’s two siblings had regrettably departed away by the time Derpton arrived, and he was seriously ill. Until the vet’s office opened the next morning, the young man managed to sneak the kitty into the flat he shares with his brother.

The infectious discharge crusting around Dante’s eyes made it difficult for him to see. He staggered when he tried to move because he was so weak from hunger. Derpton fed Dante a smidgeon of food, and the frail creature dozed off in his arms.

Dante proved to be more powerful than he appeared as time went on. He made it through the night, and with the help of some fluids and antibiotics from the veterinarian, he began to feel better. Dante’s eyes began to clear after a week of treatment, and his appetite began to match that of a growing kitten. He even regained his voice and began meowing!

Derpton observed as Dante grew bigger, stronger, and more hearty every day. He was overjoyed to see the previously helpless kitten become more active and develop a personality.

One day during one of his clumsy adolescent play sessions, he even broke Derpton’s $200 computer mouse.

Derpton, on the other hand, was unconcerned. He’d discovered that looking after Dante was extremely advantageous to his emotional well-being. He’s been able to mend himself by nursing the little cat back to health.

Derpton has even discussed with his therapist the possibility of Dante being recognized as an emotional support animal.

They were both lost souls seeking a miracle, and they found one in one another. “Who rescued whom?” I believe we all know the answer.

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Who rescued whom? Read about the heartwarming story of a depressed man and a lost cat here…
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