A woman adopts a kitten but four months later returns to the shelter because… Read on this intriguing story here…

After adopting a kitten from the shelter, a woman returned to the center to claim the cat mother, who had been at the facility for six months at the time.

Queenie the cat arrived to The Exploits Valley SPCA with a plethora of kittens in her tummy. She was probably two years old at the time, and she was really sociable right away.

“According to the personnel at the animal shelter, she had previously given birth to a large number of large litters. Because this is her last pregnancy, she will not have to go through the pain of delivery,” The Exploits Valley SPCA wrote.

Queenie welcomed eight small furballs into this world a short time after her arrival, well sheltered from the outdoor elements. The adoring cat mother began caring to her demanding kittens and responding to their every need right away.

It wasn’t easy feeding eight hungry mouths. Queenie gave her kittens her complete attention and kept a close eye on them as they progressed from one stage to the next.

“She adores everyone she comes into contact with. She instilled in all of her kittens the ability to love others.”

When the kittens from the litter of eight reached the appropriate size for adoption, they were swiftly adopted by loving homes. Queenie was the last one left in need of a place to call her own.

The shelter added, “Queenie reared healthy, fat, happy young kittens and now it’s time for her to be someone’s baby.” While the kittens grew into lovely young cats in their respective homes, Queenie continued to look forward to the day when she would be reunited with her family.

“Her stay was particularly lengthy, as she awaited the birth of her kittens, raised them for eight weeks, and waited to be picked.” When the month of December rolled around, Queenie officially broke the record for the longest-tenured resident cat at the Exploits Valley SPCA, having spent the previous six months there.

In a Facebook post, the shelter said, “She is very wonderful and it would be so amazing for her to find a forever home for Christmas.” Allison Crowe became the permanent home for one of Queenie’s kittens, Luna. Luna resembled her mother Queenie in appearance.

Allison’s beloved cat Johnny (who was also a stunning panther kitten) crossed the rainbow bridge four months later. “I was heartbroken. I came across a post from the Exploits Valley SPCA, stating that Luna’s mother had been a resident there for the longest time without being adopted.” Something rang true with her, and she knew exactly what she needed to do. “Knowing Luna’s mama was alone and her kittens were all gone, I realized my heart couldn’t handle any more pain.”

“Mama Queenie was adopted with one of her offspring four months later by chance. Allison, thank you for adopting Queenie, our longest-waiting gal, just in time for Christmas with her baby “The Exploits Valley SPCA was kind enough to share.

Juno, the adorable cat mommy who has been renamed, is enjoying her new home with her baby Luna and canine companion Linkers. She likes her forever humans and enjoys spending time with Allison and Luna.

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A woman adopts a kitten but four months later returns to the shelter because… Read on this intriguing story here…
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