A kitten is dumped in Pampers diaper box outside of a closed pet store… What happens later is a miracle…

An abandoned kitten, possibly 5 or 6 weeks old and cold and damp, was discovered in front of a closed pet store last week and taken in. This kitten was discovered by Margie Morris, president of Project Purr Animal Rescue, a local cat rescue and adoption organization, as she walked out of the office to get her coffee in her car.

Morris claims she heard a faint meow, but dismissed it as a product of her imagination at first. She, on the other hand, walked inside and informed another volunteer about the tiny meow outside. The volunteers embarked on a search and rescue mission.

He and his companions looked everywhere, including the pavement and trash can, but they couldn’t track down who was meowing. They were finally able to locate the Pampers box in front of the pet shop. They discovered a frightened kitten trapped inside the box and promptly brought him to the veterinarian.

The kitten is underweight and has a slight case of ringworm, which is contagious. A fungal illness has also impacted his skin, fur, and nails, among other things. Fortunately, he is being cared for by Project Purr and will be available for adoption as soon as he is healthy and has been neutered and vaccinated, which will be as soon as possible.

Bing is the name of the adorable cat, and he’s grown into a really playful and charming creature.

Morris was given access to the video recorded by the pet store’s security cameras. In the video, a man wanders up to a closed pet store and leaves a Pampers diaper box at the front entrance of the establishment. Then he turned and walked away swiftly. Thank you to Project Purr Animal Rescue for rescuing Bing and placing him in a loving home where he might thrive.

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A kitten is dumped in Pampers diaper box outside of a closed pet store… What happens later is a miracle…
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