The freezing mama cat receives a helping hand in the  most unlikely way… Watch below to see how…

We’d rescue all the stray cats from the streets if we could. It’s astonishing what strays can get away with. They make it through the toughest summers and winters, but not everyone is that fortunate.

When a couple was returning to Indiana this winter, they saw a big lump of ice on the side of the road that seemed to be odd. They believed they saw it move, but they weren’t certain. After stopping for a closer look, the duo were shocked to find a pregnant mother cat hanging to her last breath under the snow and ice.

They understood exactly what they needed to do right away. They loaded her into their car and drove directly to the veterinarian, warming her up in the process. Despite the fact that the cat was clearly in horrible health, she nevertheless managed to purr in gratitude. They then reached out to Catsnip Etc., a volunteer shelter based in Indiana, seeking assistance.

The shelter was happy to cooperate. They brought the cat inside the house and examined her on their own. She had bloody nails and abrasions on her hands, which indicated that she had been involved in a struggle before anything happened. Camilla was the name of the tortie, and she was overjoyed to have found refuge.

Camilla stuffed her stomach with food and drank plenty of water before retiring for the evening to rest. It was just a few days later that she welcomed four lovely and healthy kittens into the world. She received assistance at just the appropriate moment. She and her unborn kittens would have perished if it hadn’t been for the kindness of strangers.

She was a little defensive of her infants on the first day, but as time went on, she handed control and let the personnel to monitor them. Camilla needed assistance in caring for the four kittens, and the rescue center was happy to oblige.

We couldn’t be happier with the timing of this rescue, and we’re relieved that the mother and kittens are doing well.

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The freezing mama cat receives a helping hand in the  most unlikely way… Watch below to see how…
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