A blind senior cat was all alone after his owner had passed away… Read on to learn more about his future…

Barney, the loving senior tuxedo cat, was naturally upset and perplexed when his owner died suddenly. He had no idea why he was leaving his long-time home with his cat sibling, Gus. The fact that he was blind added to the difficulty of the shift. Fortunately, Barney ended up in the hands of Cats Protection, a UK-based feline protection organization.

The reason Gus joined Barney was so that they could make each other feel more at ease. Barney’s placement in a foster family, however, did not go as well as they had intended.

Barney’s adoptive family saw right away that he required extra special care and attention when he arrived at his foster home. They provided him with everything he needed and allowed him to adjust to his new foster home at his own pace.

Gus and Barney both struggled with the shift, which caused them to act differently under stress. Gus would abuse him and devour his food, causing them worry that if Barney lived with Gus, he wouldn’t be able to realize his full potential.

They eventually decided to place Gus in a new foster home. It didn’t take long for the tuxedo cat to begin flourishing on his own after that. This was the first step in healing Barney’s heartbreak!

A lady called Kat stumbled across Barney’s photo on the rescue organization’s website just as he was starting to flourish with his foster.

“At the time, I was seeking for a cat that didn’t mind being a “inside cat”.” Kat remembered, “I lived in an apartment with no yard.” It was love at first sight when she spotted Barney. He was the one, she knew right away.

“I spotted Barney on their website and saw that he was blind and elderly, so I assumed he would not be adopted. “I’ve fallen in love!” Kat told in an interview.
Kat didn’t waste any time in contacting Cats Protection and filling out an adoption application.

Kat received word shortly after that her application had been granted! She drove to the facility with bated breath, ready to see Barney in person. However, what she had hoped would be a pleasant first encounter did not turn out to be such.

Kat could tell Barney was afraid the moment she met him. Kat was sorry to see Barney in such a condition, but she recognized he was just having a bad day. Barney was most likely in shock after being returned to the shelter’s harsh surroundings.

“I’m sure he was terrified to be removed from his home and returned to the rescue, where he could hear all the other cats meowing,” Kat added. Barney is now living his best life and couldn’t be happier.

Despite the fact that he is in his senior years, he does not allow his health problems slow him down. Barney is still as courageous and powerful as he was when Kat first met him six years ago. He’s overjoyed to have discovered love and someone with whom he can spend the rest of his life.

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A blind senior cat was all alone after his owner had passed away… Read on to learn more about his future…
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