A kindhearted cat does the same one thing to all the stray kittens his mom brings home… Read on here…

The adorable white cat Benedict Cumbercat (Benny) was saved by Ellen Carozza, a veterinary technician who worked in the area. Ellen Carozza discovered him when he was a kitten, abandoned and suffering from a slew of health issues. He had only a slim chance of survival when he was discovered by Ellen.

“I knew I wanted him the second I laid eyes on his thin, hot mess of a body. With his stuffy nose and severe eye illness, I couldn’t help but fall in love with him. “I was sure that he was supposed to be mine.” Carozza stated in an interview.

After some time had passed, Benny grew up and developed into the greatest foster parent, taking care of other kittens who were in similar situations to his own. He developed a strong attachment to each kitten that his mother gave him and became tactile and loving toward them. It is imperative that Carozza is the first cat to arrive at the scene whenever a box of kittens is brought home by his mother. So far, he’s taken in dozens of kittens as foster parents.

When we don’t have kittens, he becomes quite depressed. I’d like to believe he’s repaying a favor we extended to him a few years ago.”

Ellen delivered him an itty tiny black furball who weighed only a fraction of a pound – a creature who would need all of Benny’s sympathy. Her name was Winifred (Winnie).

“Kittens this small don’t follow the same rules as regular kittens, so there’s no way to predict what to expect from a chart; they require a lot more care and attention to detail.”

Many hungry kitten have been tube-fed by Carozza. She also has an incubator at home to help a kitten acclimate to its new surroundings. Benny didn’t spare any time in enveloping Winnie in his arms, giving the little cat a sense of safety and security.

“When the kittens aren’t with Benny, they have a cuddle cat mom with an artificial heartbeat to keep them company,” Carozza said. “However, it does not purr.” It doesn’t make you clean. Being a cat doesn’t help you. He fills in the blanks.”

Winnie will move home with Carozza’s sister in New York when she is stronger – and full of her foster family’s affection.

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A kindhearted cat does the same one thing to all the stray kittens his mom brings home… Read on here…
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