A father and son noticed something on the side of the road on their way home… Check out here to know what they found…

Animals being rescued by people or even fellow animals are among the most amazing stories you’ll ever hear or read, and they never grow old. People have always had a bond with animals, yet their incredible relationships are still as enthralling as ever.

When a father and son duo spotted something unexpected while driving home from work, this was once again shown to be true. They went out to check on some reports about enormous piles of snow obstructing a section of a road near their house.

This was the sight they stumbled upon.

They saw something on the side of the road right then and there, as if it had been put there for them. However, since it was still hidden, the father and son had no clue what to anticipate at first.  They decided to investigate further since it was coated in snow. It was a white box with a trail of tracks trailing around it.

They were fascinated, so they approached the box naturally. And boy, were they in for a shock! But what they discovered in the box shattered their hearts, for it included two kittens that were already suffering and unwell from the cold.

This was the sight they stumbled upon.

Because the branches looked to keep the top of the box in place, the box seemed to be positioned that way on purpose. The box was white, so it blended in with the snow wonderfully, making it almost hard to spot from the road. Fortunately, someone did notice it.

They were abandoned on purpose, but the person who abandoned them was kind enough to give them two little bowls of food and a blanket. Even so, the cat was already cold and unwell.

When they peered inside the box, their hearts broke at the sight of a cat that was already obviously suffering.

Why would someone do this to these innocent animals? Who knows how long they’ve been?

This was the sight of the road where they discovered the box and the kittens.

They seem to be in the middle of nowhere, with no homes or businesses around. The original owner really abandoned the cats.  It’s hard to believe someone placed these poor, innocent creatures out here, hoping they wouldn’t be found due to the snow-covered box.

From the car, this is what it looks like. It was absolutely a miracle that they still spotted the box, as little and white as it was. Unless you examine it very closely, it’s almost imperceptible.

Fortunately, the cats were saved and now are in good health.

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A father and son noticed something on the side of the road on their way home… Check out here to know what they found…
This cat was buried and trapped in a snow-filled carrier after being left near a shelter…