You won’t believe why this cat wasn’t allowed on the balcony… Check it out here…

Cats are among the world’s most expressive creatures. With their lovely little mouths and pink little tongues that they love to thrust out, they have the cutest facial expressions. And there are those cartoon-like eyes that seem to widen like saucers when they detect anything new.

Nuka the cat is no exception to this rule. The internet fell in love with Nuka’s cute reactions when his owner, Essi, uploaded some images of him seeing the outdoors for the first time.

“He’s never been an outdoor cat, and even if it were possible here, he’d be scared of everything.” Essi described him as a “scaredy-cat.” As a result, Essi chose to let Nuka out onto the balcony for his first taste of the vast outdoors. She reasoned that it was a decent place to start without overwhelming him.

Check out more of Nuka’s cute expressions by scrolling down!

Meet Nuka

Nuka’s going out to this sunny balcony for the first time


“Did you see that human?”

Nuka’s Owner said, “As long, as I’m with him on the balcony, he is fine”.

“He’s fascinated by birds, but he doesn’t appear to desire to hunt them.” He simply sits and observes.”

“You see? I’m outside”

“He has difficulty with motor abilities such as jumping.” They couldn’t detect anything wrong with him despite the fact that he frequently runs into walls. He’s a cheerful derp who lives a regular kitten life.” Essi explains.

Some people are worried about Nuka jumping out, but Essi says, “The apartment complex where I live will have balcony windows installed.”

What a happy face

Enjoy freedom Nuka!

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You won’t believe why this cat wasn’t allowed on the balcony… Check it out here…
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