Why did a pit bull did something like this to a pregnant cat? You wont believe, but he…

Pitbulls have a negative reputation for being ferocious and aggressive. Many municipalities are seeking breed-specific bans on them because they attack and bite humans. However, contrary to popular belief, these canines are not innately hostile. Anyone who has owned a pit bull will attest to the fact that they are wonderful and devoted family dogs.

Meet Hades, a sweet pitbull who lives in Mexico with his owner, Juan José P. Flores. He very often shows sweetness and gentleness.

Flores had recently discovered a stray cat in his neighborhood. Even though he couldn’t get close to her, he made sure she was fed and warm by leaving food out for her on a daily basis. Hades resolved to assist the stray after witnessing that gesture of generosity.

Flores was at home one day when he heard knocking from the back door, which led to Hades’ hangout spot. When he opened the door, he was greeted by his puppy. Flores told The Dodo, “He was desperate and making a lot of noise.” Hades appeared to be pleased to reveal to him something significant.

Flores went out to check and came across a lovely scene. Hades proudly displayed his invitation to the stray cat to reside in his doghouse. “I was astonished,” Flores remarked. The cat, it turned out, was expecting a baby and needed a safe spot to give birth.

Hades even stayed near to the cat as she was giving birth. “He carried a blanket over to his house’s entryway and sat outside the door,” Flores explained. “He made her feel safe.”

The cat successfully gave birth to two gorgeous kittens thanks to Hades’ assistance. The mother cat is overjoyed to see her newborn offspring. Hades, for one, was overjoyed to see them. “I believe he felt like a father,” Flores added.

Flores has relocated the new family into the main house with care so that he and Hades can keep a closer eye on them. Hades and the mother cat, now known as Nicol, have developed a lovely connection. They spend a lot of time together when Nicol isn’t taking care of her kittens.

Juan stated that he will find new homes for the kittens when the time comes. He also hopes that Hades’ gentle gestures will influence people’s perceptions about his breed and encourage others to treat them with kindness.

Flores stated, “Pitbulls are good dogs.” “Hades placed everything aside in order to assist someone else. Without expecting anything in return, we should do the same.”

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Why did a pit bull did something like this to a pregnant cat? You wont believe, but he…
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