The first bionic cat in the world is here… Read on here to know what happened and who did this to him…

An orange cat in Siberia was abandoned by his owners and suffered frostbite to all four paws. Ryzhik (Russian for “Ginger” or “Redhead”) was fortunate in that his new owners did not abandon him!

Winters in Siberia are dangerously cold (as low as -40°F). While most people in Siberia have adapted and are dressed appropriately for the cold, many animals are unable to tolerate such low temperatures.

Frostbite in dogs and cats is very prevalent, and most cases result in the animal dying in the cold or being euthanized.

Ryzhk was one of the lucky ones who survived. Ryzhik was in horrible health when his new owners brought him to the vet with frostbite and gangrene in all four limbs.

They had no option but to be amputated, and the veterinarian had no choice but to do it.

Ryzhik’s story, however, did not stop there. Rhyzik’s new owner determined to do all they could to help him walk again, so they brought him to a Novosibirsk clinic that specialized in artificial limbs.

The doctor equipped Rhyzik with four prosthetic paws using computer tomography and 3D modeling.

Ryzhik, according to surgeon Sergey Gorshkov, “is unquestionably the first cat in the world to have undergone such procedures.” Rhyzik is therefore the first bionic cat in the world!

Rhyzik’s new titanium limbs were linked to the bones, according to Dr. Gorshkov. The spongy component of the titanium limb that connects to skin and bone allows tissue to develop around it.

Rhyzik is still a bit wobbly on his new limbs, but the clinic’s veterinarians believe that’s a positive indication that he’s not attempting to remove them. It’s Rhyzik’s way of demonstrating his acceptance of the new paws. Rhyzik will acclimatize to his new limbs and grow more stable on his bionic feet, according to experts.

The clinic continues to develop new and innovative methods to give the animals who need it the most a fighting chance!

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The first bionic cat in the world is here… Read on here to know what happened and who did this to him…
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