You won’t believe what this cutie is doing on his mom’s laptop… Read on here to see…

Despite his young age, Percy has always been a bit of a troublemaker. He cherishes his family to such an extent that he expects their full attention at all times, regardless of what they are up to. And, of course, he is always successful in attracting the attention of others.

“He enjoys being carried up but dislikes being patted,” Percy’s mother, Jessy Robinson, said in an interview. “He cries for attention, bites (not hard, generally), and screams for attention. “He is really beloved by all of us.”

Because of the coronavirus epidemic, billions of people over the globe have been compelled to work from home, and Robinson is not an exception. Despite the fact that Percy has to share his kingdom with his mother, he really loves it since he gets to spend all day with her.

“I’ve just been doing WFH for three weeks,” Robinson said. “He couldn’t stop smiling. He’s a scrounger for attention!”

Percy enjoys spending time with his mother throughout the day, so anytime Robinson sits down to work on her computer, he quickly joins her and attempts to draw her attention away from her work.

According to Robinson, “at least half of the day he is attempting to grab my attention.” In the meanwhile, he sleeps on the chair or floor next to me for the remainder of the day.”

Robinson now has a nasty colleague who is always attempting to “assist” her with her job from home. Percy is content with the fact that his mother remains at home with him during the day, despite the fact that he does not understand why she must work instead of playing with him.

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You won’t believe what this cutie is doing on his mom’s laptop… Read on here to see…
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