Meet Amsterdam, a chubby Sphynx cat who loves to display his massive belly (Video) …

It’s not a secret, that the majority of people gain weight around the holidays… Perhaps it is due to the season… or perhaps it is due to the food… yes, it is most likely due to the cuisine. And when we acquire weight, we feel insecure.

Some people aren’t fond of having a large, flabby stomach, and they go to great lengths to lose those pounds.

Having tummy fat isn’t something to be ashamed of… at least not for Amsterdam, a thick sphynx cat. Amsterdam finds joy in his additional weight, demonstrating to all that a Buddha-belly isn’t something literally to be ashamed of.

He is so adorable, watch his video and photos below, you will love him!

Amsterdam sitting upright thinking about life, as we do sometimes. He’s accompanied by his fellow Sphynx cat, Neytiri, who can be seen laying down and gazing up at Amsterdam’s 7.5kg hubby.

Amsterdam feeling cozy

While Amsterdam appears to be at ease, some people are concerned about his weight. Yes, it’s adorable, but a cat’s health must be in good shape. That is, the cat must have a balanced muscle mass, a well-proportioned body, and minimum belly fat.

Take good care of your cat!

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