A woman opens her house for a stray cat and what she finds later is… Watch the video here…

A kind lady welcomed a friendly stray cat into her house, and days later discovered a litter of kittens in her closet. When a grey cat was seen scrounging about for food in the backyard of Blanche, a 95-year-old resident of Las Vegas, she called the police. Despite being unclean, the tabby was still alive and well.

According to Ellen Richter of Vets for Abandoned Pets, a foster volunteer for the organization, “the cat had a pretty awful looking ear, and the woman realized she wasn’t being cared for.  She was really pleasant right from the start.”

It wasn’t long before Blanche began to leave food and water for the cat and asked around about if she belonged to a neighbor, but no one came to claim the feline companion. Meanwhile, the cat’s tummy got wider and larger with each passing day, and Blanche recognized that she was expecting a baby. All of the local rescue organizations were completely full at the time, and no one was able to assist her.

The kind woman couldn’t handle the idea of the kittens being born outdoors, so she decided to intervene. She welcomed the cat into her home and assisted her in finding a calm spot.

“With a moist towel, she attempted to clean her. Blanche had limited mobility as a crippled elderly person, but she wanted to do the best she could for the cat (named Aberdeen). She was well aware that Aberdeen was reliant on her “Ellen told in an interview.

Several days later, Blanche awoke to an unexpected visit from a stranger. The moment she walked inside the walk-in closet, she saw Aberdeen with four small additions feeding and kneading away on her back. She instantly dialed her daughter’s phone number to request assistance. In addition, they cleaned up after the kittens, changed the bedding, and made sure Aberdeen was well fed in addition to giving her plenty of loves and kisses.

Family members arrived and took turns caring for the cat mom and her four children. “Blanche couldn’t bend down or undertake much physical activity, so she requested the support of her family while she kept an eye on things.”

They looked after Aberdeen and her kittens until a rescue organization, Vets for Abandoned Pets, had space and resources to assist. “I brought up Mama Aberdeen and her four little children from their home. Her ear was crinkled and wrinkled, which gave her a distinct appearance. It was presumed to be the consequence of a serious ear mite infection sustained while living on the streets, but the cause has not been determined “Ellen revealed this in an interview.

The kittens were in excellent condition and devoured their food. Momma Aberdeen was a joyful indoor cat that lavished her owners with purrs and soft blinks. Aberdeen did an excellent job of raising her extremely demanding kittens, and by the time they were nursed, she was ready to put motherhood behind her for good once and for all.

Watch Aberdeen and her kittens in this cute video:

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A woman opens her house for a stray cat and what she finds later is… Watch the video here…
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