We think this cat is a movie star because she is so expressive… Check out below…

Meet Nana, a British Shorthair cat that lives in China with her owner.  On Weibo, one of the largest social media websites in China, with over 445 million monthly active users as of the third quarter of 2018, she is a true celebrity. Until now, she has gained over 76.000 admirers who adore her and impatiently wait for the release of her photographs and videos on social media.

Nana became well-known as a result of her out-of-the-ordinary behaviors and dramatic emotions. Some of us believe she is a Hollywood movie star since she is so animated and expressive. You will be able to tell precisely how she is feeling just by looking at her face.

In addition to her responses and feelings, Nana’s physical beauty is something that many people admire. She has stunning blue eyes and pure white fur, which combine to make her seem very stunning and charming.

A British Shorthair cat with sapphire blue eyes and white fur is not uncommon, but we are certain that not every British Shorthair will be as expressive as Nana. There is no need to define her feelings since they are self-evident to everyone who knows her. This mega star is deserving of her place on the big screen.

Watch her photos below:

1. When will all of this end, human, when?

2. Just be cute and they will surely blame the dog…

3. Hmmmn… thinking

4. That looks like a “ Imma say nope” face.

5. That glass of water is to knock off that table.

6. It wasn’t me!

7. My foot!!! Get off my foot!!!

8. Mountain Mamaaa…take me home/country roads

9. Seriously?

10. Hi….Hi there!…..Hi?

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We think this cat is a movie star because she is so expressive… Check out below…
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