An abandoned cat has a couple stranded in Mexico because they refuse to leave without her… Read on to see how far cat love can go…

How far would you be willing to go to defend your feline companion? While you’re reading this remarkable story about a rescued cat in Mexico, keep that thought in mind.

Have you ever fantasized about quitting your work, selling or renting your home, packing your belongings, and driving off into the sunset with your partner? This young British couple did exactly that two years ago, and they’re still on the road.

In August of last year, Lee Hodges, 33, and Willow Rolfe, 29, set out on an epic road adventure throughout North America. The couple chose to adopt a stray cat in Washington, DC, two months into their adventure in their repaired VW van.

Aimee, the couple’s kitty, was rescued not long after, and the beautiful cat has been traveling with them ever since. Aimee is “well traveled than most people,” according to Lee and Willow.

Surprisingly, Aimee has been taught to walk on a leash. Despite a few odd looks, the cat is able to accompany her owners on many of their outside trips.

The couple and Aimee traveled to Mexico, where Aimee was unfortunately attacked by some dogs, resulting in a damaged paw. So, before continuing on their journey, the pair waited for the cat to get healthy.

Lee and Willow have been wishing to return to their home in the United Kingdom due to the pandemic. Aimee, on the other hand, was not going to be left behind.
The pair had spent years planning their journey, including purchasing an ancient VW in 2021 to renovate. As they started on their journey across North America, they left their jobs and left their lives behind.

Mexico has been hit hard by the outbreak, with numerous beaches and national parks shuttered. The trio has struggled to find a suitable location to isolate without exceeding their daily budget of £17.50.

To make matters worse, the couple’s campervan broke down just as they were about to start crossing the Atlantic, leaving them stuck in Mexico. Lee and Willow are now facing more difficulties as they must repair the van and go to the United States in order to catch a ferry. In addition to waiting for replacement parts, the couple’s humanitarian visas are set to expire in February.

The couple’s time is limited because the US borders are not open until January 21st.

As a result, the couple had to wait for their VW to be repaired before making their next step.

Aimee is without a doubt the most well-traveled cat in the world, having visited two nations and 15 states in the United States.

We are sure Lee, Willow, and Aimee had goo  luck and safe travels!

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An abandoned cat has a couple stranded in Mexico because they refuse to leave without her… Read on to see how far cat love can go…
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