When a kitten sneaks into a yard to seek assistance, it transforms into the sweetest lap cat ever…

A kitten slipped into a yard and was saved by the goodwill of strangers. He transformed into the most adorable lap kitty. A small orange tabby appeared in a resident’s backyard and went onto their porch about a month ago, sobbing. His eyelids were crusted shut, and he was gasping for air.

The kitten was in bad condition and required medical help immediately. When the homeowner couldn’t capture the tabby, she turned to her rescue community for help.

Ella, a volunteer, reacted to the request and was successful in rescuing the kitty. She comforted him by wrapping him in a towel, while Josie, another volunteer, organized a rescue for the little man.

After a rocky start, the kitten was sent to Chatons Orphelins Montréal, where he was examined by a veterinarian. In the comfort of a foster family, he may finally be on the mend.

“Mabrouk was the kitten’s name. He was just ten weeks old at the time and was very unwell. He was prescribed medicines because he was having problems breathing”,  Celine Crom of Chatons Orphelins Montréal said in an interview.

“I suppose he realized he needed assistance and went to the backyard that day.” Mabrouk warmed up immediately to his foster family and all he needed was to be loved. So he could be accompanied at all times, he would seek out a warm lap or cuddle close to his people.

He was never ashamed to scream out for attention while healing from the tough kitten cold. When he was being pampered, the gentle tabby would turn over on his back for belly rubs.
Mabrouk evolved into a social cat with a large personality. He was adamant about never being alone again.

He was up on his feet and eager to play as soon as his legs recovered power. This little bundle of joy followed his owners about like a shadow, curious about what they were up to.
He’s turned into his foster mother’s personal helper and lap warmer.

Celine told in an interview, “This tiny teddy bear is fascinated about everything and has matured so much since his arrival.” Celine introduced him to another orange tabby, Rubbix, a foster cat, and the two got along well so far. As if they had always been brothers, the two youngsters began wrestling and chasing one other.

The tabbies transformed into a powerful duet within a day, and they did everything together. They started using the computer to monitor their people and fell asleep snuggled up together on their laps.

Mabrouk is flourishing in foster care, where he has a feline companion to play with and receives plenty of lap time.

From their cozy basket near the window, the kittens enjoy feline amusement. Mabrouk is delighted to have Rubbix along for the ride. With the help of several volunteers, the previous stray cat has changed into a lovely tabby cat.

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When a kitten sneaks into a yard to seek assistance, it transforms into the sweetest lap cat ever…
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