This adorable cat with large alien eyes has a tragic history… And here’s why…

A cat with a rare eye problem has become an internet phenomenon, and despite his disability, he is able to enjoy a complete life thanks to his loving owners, who have shown him the meaning of unconditional love.

This Norwegian forest cat named Pico is lucky to be alive today. He had been wandering the streets as a stray for quite some time before he was struck by a car one day and stayed unconscious for three full days. Pico’s nine lives must have been reduced by the accident, as there was no permanent damage to the extremely fluffy kitty as a result of the incident. Pico was discovered by Marie-Josee Brisson and her 17-year-old daughter Monica by chance at their neighborhood veterinarian, and they were instantly fascinated. In a short time, they made Pico part of their family, Monica even showed Pico in her TikTok account.

Unfortunately, five years ago, the family noticed that Pico’s eyes were losing their color. Monica said, “He used to have green eyes, but one day he got an infection that may have caused glaucoma.”

During this time, the nine-year-old cat has gone completely blind, but he doesn’t seem to be in any pain or have any other problems.

Both Pico and his owners have come to terms with his disability. “Sometimes he hits the furniture, but he knows his way around the house very well,” they shared.

Pico, on the other hand, has become a bit of a star on TikTok because of his unique look. People are attracted to his eyes commenting “moon eyes”, “galaxy eyes”, and “alien eyes” and complimenting him to be cute and beautiful.

Pico is just like any other cat, despite the bulging eyes and handicap. Pico doesn’t dare to go outside alone, therefore he enjoys roaming about and sunbathing in the grass in the company.

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This adorable cat with large alien eyes has a tragic history… And here’s why…
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