Not ordinary cats who love sitting on their butts… Scroll down for some fun…

Anyone who owns a cat knows. that may be incredibly strange animals. They do weird stuff that we don’t understand, such as rushing about the house, pouncing on anything that moves, yowling in the middle of the night, and hiding inside old cardboard boxes that we’re preparing to throw out.
Sometimes, they even sit like us. They sit on their butts with their back legs stretched out on the ground and their front legs at their sides or on their exposed tummies.
According to studies, cats sit on their backsides to imitate their owners. Furthermore, this sitting position allows them to air out their tummies and cool down.

We know you adore cat images, so we’re excited to share the funniest photos of cats sitting on their butts like small humans. See the photographs we gathered by scrolling down. We hope you’ll find these photos entertaining!

1. “Oh, you’re back already…”

2. My cat does this so often that my fiance had a necklace made for me of his signature pose

3. He must have been watching something scary

4. The cat is covering their privates in a most discreet manner

5. Showing off big bushy tail

6. Pile of fluff

7. Let’s pretend to be a potato

8. “Did you see the skull on my tummy?”

9. Starting from younger times

10. Sunbathing be like…

11. What an elegant pose!

12. Another poser

13. Those big pink beans…

14. Awkward, anyway

15. Let’s do some yoga

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Not ordinary cats who love sitting on their butts… Scroll down for some fun…
The cat was just tired of all and decided to take the initiative herself…