Call them indifferent, but cats can be heroes too… (Part 1) Read about some of their heroic stories…

Cats are believed to be kind of arrogant, but ok, they can show their appreciation too. Here are some cat stories, who saved lives;

1. Pudding came to rescue his owner when he was experiencing a seizure

Pudding was adopted on the rare occasion by Amy Jung of Wisconsin while visiting a shelter with her son. She began to experience a diabetic seizure after going to bed. Pudding jumped on her chest and bit her nose to wake her up so she could ask for help, then rushed into her son’s room and jumped on his bed to wake him up. Jung may have gone into an irreparable coma if she hadn’t been awakened up, according to doctors. How lovely.

2. To save her young human from a dog attack, this kitty activated Beast ModeTM

The 4-year-old kid of the Triantafilo family was riding his bike in the driveway when a neighbor’s dog jumped over and grabbed his leg. Tara, the Triantafilo’s cat, attacked the dog right away, chasing him away before returning to check on her human. Isn’t she a hero?

3. This neighborhood cat saved a newborn from freezing

Masha saw an abandoned baby in a box on the freezing streets of Russia and quickly crawled in next to him to keep him warm. She then meowed to attract the attention of passers-by. Thanks to Masha, the baby was noticed, transferred to the hospital, and reported to be in good health.

4. Shelly prevented her owner from being bitten by a snake

Jimmie Nelson, 81, of Tennessee, imagined his cat Shelly was pursuing a mouse when he heard her rushing about in the middle of the night. However, a few days later, a caretaker discovered a dead copperhead snake under a table with claw marks on his body. Shelly seems to have killed the dangerous snake and then put it outside to show off to her owner.

5. This kitty warned her family of a fire.

The cat of a Clairmont family woke up her owner at 3:30 a.m. by biting her on the arm. The woman awoke to find her house on fire, but she and her two children were able to escape in time. A second cat was also rescued by firefighters.

6. Schnautzie alerted her momma of a gas leak

Trudy Guy was awakened in the middle of the night by her cat Schnautzie. She examined a roaring sound in the bathroom and discovered a busted gas pipe. After fleeing, firefighters warned her that if she hadn’t done anything, her house may have blown up. The Great Falls Animal Foundation honored Schnautzie with a Purple Paw Award at their annual Fur Ball.

To be continued…Read Part 2 for more interesting stories

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Call them indifferent, but cats can be heroes too… (Part 1) Read about some of their heroic stories…
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