A special kitten is exploring the world on wheels and is looking for a forever family to join him… Read to know what happened…

Meet Snapple, a feisty tuxedo cat from Minnesota who’s on a mission to see the globe on wheels!

This adorable young kitten is on a mission to prove that having unique needs does not prevent him from enjoying his best life.

All he needs now is a purrfect forever family to look after him and accompany him on his adventures.

In the story below, Snapple’s foster mother, Kris, tells us all about this little champion.

Snapple was discovered as a little kitten in April of 2021.

Snapple and his siblings needed to be bottle fed because their mother was young and unable to care for them.

Bitty Kitty Brigade foster caregiver that specializes in unsteady kittens, usually those with Cerebellar Hypoplasia (CH).

“I knew I wanted to foster a little, shaky tuxedo kitten who needed to be moved to a new foster home the moment I heard about it.”

Wobbly kittens have a special place in my heart.

Snapple and his littermates were just beginning to wean when they came into my care at the age of 4.5 weeks.

Snapple and his littermates (Moxie, Sprite, and Fresca) were named after different types of drinks by their first caretaker.

Snapple had a wobbling head, which is common in cats with CH, but I was concerned since he didn’t use his front legs at all.

He had to be isolated from his litter mates because they would playfully attack his tail and feet, as kittens do. Snapple, on the other hand, would be left helpless because he couldn’t flee.

I had the other kittens transferred to another caretaker once I confirmed that they were not showing any signs of CH so that I could focus on Snapple’s treatment.

Snapple was an exceptionally happy kitten with the correct stimulation and care, as I discovered while indulging him and taking him on adventures!

He enjoys going on small expeditions with me outside, where we look at the flora, bugs, and birds.

He’s at ease in a wide range of circumstances. Snapple enjoys joining me on social events and visits to parks; he enjoys meeting new people!

A veterinary neurologist examined Snapple and decided that he did not have CH.

Instead, he was diagnosed with Cervical Spinal Cord Disease and Brain Disease.

They were unsure about his quality of life, so I brought him home with the idea of spoiling him before making any decisions for him.

He was not eligible for a custom cart because he was still growing.

He’d probably outgrow the cart before it arrived by the time he was measured and a cart was manufactured and transported.

However, I discovered one on Amazon that was adjustable, allowing me to tailor it to his exact measurements.

I’m not a big fan of carts because cats generally despise them and can get around quite well without them.

Snapple, on the other hand, was unique. He jumped right into the trolley and was off and running!

We workout with the cart several times a day, usually on the quiet street near my house or on my porch or dining room.

He joins me at work and sprints around the office and warehouse with me.

He struggles with movement when he isn’t in his cart, but he enjoys pushing himself around and playing with surrounding toys.

He sometimes just wants to lie on a comfy bed nearby and watch the world go by.

In many aspects, he resembles a typical cat.

He enjoys toy play, bird watching, and exploring his surroundings (with a little help).

Snapple adores being petted; he’s a natural snuggler who purrs nonstop!

He’ll talk to you and tell you when he wants your attention, but he’ll also tell you when he’s had enough.

Like any other cat, he can become overstimulated.

Snapple has become more self-sufficient in his everyday demands thanks to a little creativity.

Snapple becomes ecstatic when he sees a food bowl; he has a voracious appetite and enjoys eating!

He eats on his own with the help of a feeding station that keeps him upright.

To go to the restroom, he wears portable potty pads.Snapple is amazingly clean and requires very little cleaning.

Snapple is still in Minnesota’s foster care system.

Someone who works from home, is retired, or could drive him to work would be his ideal forever home. He’s waiting to be forever united with his forever family.

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A special kitten is exploring the world on wheels and is looking for a forever family to join him… Read to know what happened…
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