Mother cat adopted orphaned puppies, and cares for them as if they are her own children… Watch the cute videos below…

An orange tabby and her pups were discovered in an abandoned apartment by some tenants. They contacted Langebaan Animal Care in South Africa. But, unfortunately, the rescuers couldn’t save her newborns. Izelle Marallich, chairman of Langebaan Animal Care, brought Kathryn, a cat looking for affection and a caring family.

According to Marallich, the cat was extremely friendly and was not afraid to foster dogs. She simply strolled right up to them and rubbed herself against every one of them. She needed to sleep with someone to hold on to you. It was almost as if she couldn’t get enough attention. Despite the efforts of the rescuers to relieve Kathryn’s suffering, she continued to mourn her past: “She was quite restless, however, and would scream looking for her babies,” Marallich recalled. “It was awful to see her in such pain.”

Luckily, things have changed since the puppies arrived. Kathryn fell in love with them right away and formed a strong bond. She tried to calm them down by licking them when they cried for food. “At first they were confused and moved away from her, but she kept going to groom them,” Marallich added. “They got used to her licking them and she just laid by their side, as her mother’s instinct was kicked off. The puppies rapidly became attached to Kathryn, and their attachment is extremely strong”.

“She stopped being agitated and crying and just slept with them all day and night,” Marallich said. “She even ate the puppy feed,” says the narrator. They were happy, and she was happy!”

“She’s quite protective of them and became anxious when they got out of the playpen and away from her,” Marallich explained. “She would follow them and call them the entire time, and she was only comfortable when they returned to her.”

Marallich continued, “I have never seen such a dedicated and caring mother. She was always by their side, day and night!”

Following the adoption of the puppies, Kathryn took in a pair of orphaned kittens who had been abandoned in a field and provided them with a loving household. “She has a lot of individuals interested in adopting her,” Marallich said, “but for the time being, she will stay with us and continue to be a loving and kind parent to orphaned animals.”

Kathryn is a lovely mother with a golden heart and natural maternal instincts. She even demonstrates that a mother’s love has no limits. If you enjoyed this story, please tell your friends and family about it to brighten their day.

Watch the adorable videos here:


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Mother cat adopted orphaned puppies, and cares for them as if they are her own children… Watch the cute videos below…
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