A blind cat climbs a mountain…watch the heartwarming video below…

Older cats and cats with disabilities are frequently overlooked, but Stevie, the aged, blind cat from Ireland, illustrates that neither youth nor vision is required to enjoy an adventurous life.

Three years ago, Patrick Corr adopted Stevie from a veterinarian. Stevie was being cared for by the Animal Care Society of Cork, but she needed a forever home.

“I wasn’t even seeking to adopt a cat,” Corr said in an interview, “but when I learned she desperately needed a home, I couldn’t resist.”

Sharing his house with a blind cat demanded some changes, but Corr did his best to keep Stevie safe and comfortable.

“I can’t change the furniture around because she’ll knock it over, and I have to keep her litter box and feeding bowl in the same spot all the time.” She does, however, learn incredibly quickly.”

But just because Stevie is blind doesn’t mean she doesn’t enjoy getting out and about.

Corr took Stevie for a hike in the Comeragh Mountains earlier this year and documented the experience on film. He shares Stevie’s journey, as well as the crucial life lessons his feline friend has taught him, in the heartwarming video below.

“She had a great impact on my life,” he stated. In fact, until I met her, I wasn’t a big fan of cats myself.

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A blind cat climbs a mountain…watch the heartwarming video below…
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