A cat returns to the woman who cared for her kittens and now is… Watch the video here to know more…

A cat returned to the woman who had assisted her with her babies. She is now on the lookout for the ideal house for herself and her kitten.

One day, a stray cat appeared outside a woman’s house with her litter, and she kept returning with more. The kind woman was able to have the kittens fixed and adopted, but she was unable to reach the mother in time.

“She was frightened and difficult to catch.” She became pregnant again a few months later and gave birth in the lady’s yard,” Jen Marder, a foster volunteer with Wrenn Rescues (in Los Angeles), told in an interview.

Wrenn Rescues was contacted by the woman who needed help. The mother cat was ultimately taken off the streets and placed in a foster home with her kittens after having litter after litter.

Majesty, the cat mom, was initially terrified, but with a cozy nest and enough food, she began to warm up to her new family. She’d eat goodies from Jen’s hands and let her weigh the kittens so she could keep track of their progress.

Majesty began to seek affection slowly but steadily. When Jen entered the room, she would leap in and out of her nest for head scritches. Periwinkle (grey), one of her kittens, was frequently observed close to her mother, following her about like a shadow.

“Periwinkle came in as the smallest little runt, weighing far less than her siblings, but she has turned her life around,” Jen continued.

Majesty’s eyes were considerably more relaxed and her personality had entirely transformed after a few weeks in foster care.

“She began rubbing her hands across my legs and meowing at me.” When I pet the babies, she reached in for a pet for herself! She was more interested in love  than her kittens.” Majesty had an insight one day and started to let go of all shyness and offer her heart entirely to love.

“She snuggled against my shoulder and purred for approximately 60 seconds as she rested. She sat next to me, placed her paw on my leg, and even rested her head on it.”

Periwinkle is still a mama’s girl, and the two of them play together and slumber in a cuddle puddle. Majesty has regained her confidence and feels like a cat again since having her baby around.

It was evident from away that these two would form an excellent team. “These girls are so unique and genuinely care about one other.”

When Majesty’s kittens were ready for adoption, they went to good homes one by one. Periwinkle and she continued to look forward to their own happily ever after. “Everyone wants the smallest and newest kittens, but the mamas…they’re so wonderful!”

Majesty is embracing her VIP life as an indoor cat after walking the streets for over two years and will no longer have to raise another litter.

When she finds a new toy, she coos and chirps it to Periwinkle and shares the joy with her adored daughter.  Jen told in an interview, “I want nothing more than for them to be able to start their lives with a loving family for the holidays.”

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 A cat returns to the woman who cared for her kittens and now is… Watch the video here to know more…
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