An adorable orphan kitten goes from hiding under sheets to melting hearts online… Watch the video here…

A little orphan kitten has gone from cowering behind blankets to now “roaring” for attention, and it’s all because to you.

A small orange kitten was brought in to IndyHumane in Indianapolis, Indiana, in the hopes of finding a better home for him and his family. When he first arrived, he was a little shy and hissy, and he sought to hide behind any cover he could find.

His foster volunteer, Jennifer (New Kittens on the Block), welcomed him into her home with open arms. She gave him the affectionate name Butterball and put up a comfortable kitty pen for him to settle in, filling it with soft stuff, many cozy beds, and a variety of toys to keep him entertained.

Butterball began to warm up to his foster mother after a few head scritches and some tasty treats were provided.

“He’s even purred a couple of times for me. He’s very lively and enjoys his new toys; however, some of them that create noise frighten him a little bit. When he hears something unexpected, he becomes afraid and hides”, Jennifer told in an interview.

The tabby made a cozy home for himself under a blanket cave, next to his snuggling buddy. As his foster mother encouraged him to be bold, he gradually gained confidence.

Soon after, he began to come out of his shell, rolling around on his blankets and waving his little paws in the air, all with a sly grin on his face.

“He didn’t appear to have socialized with people when he arrived (although he rapidly adapted), so I presume he was born outside to a feral mother cat.”

When he finally got the courage to emerge from his blanket cave, he strolled right up to his foster mother, who lavished him with affection and cuddles.

Butterball’s outgoing attitude came out in full force the following day, once he had become used to indoor living.

Just as Jennifer was getting ready to go for work, the tabby boy, who had already been fed and loved on, let out a whiney, continuous scream that seemed to last an eternity.

When the kitty discovered his small roar, he wasted no time in putting it to good use.

Jennifer added, “He has as many views as he does teeth.” (He likes) to shout angrily at his foster mother for no apparent reason, and then repeat.

Even when he is fatigued, Butterball enjoys spending time with his folks and watching what they are doing. In the midst of his overseeing tasks, he frequently falls asleep.

He won’t take no for an answer if he wants anything. He excels at making little screams and is known for being incredibly persuasive.

Butterball is eating adult cat food, but he still wants to nurse and kneads his foster mother’s shirt for comfort.

Watch the video below:

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An adorable orphan kitten goes from hiding under sheets to melting hearts online… Watch the video here…
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