A dog takes timid kittens under her care and instills bravery in them… Watch the video here…

The kindness of a loving dog led to the adoption of a pair of timid kittens, who were shown love and bravery by the dog.

Earlier this month, two kittens, around 10-12 weeks old, were discovered in the same backyard in New York City. They were extremely fearful and would not approach people in any way. Rescuers placed a few humane traps in the aim of capturing them and transporting them to a safe location.

After great work, they were able to separate the kittens from one another and transport them to a local rescue in New York City, where they will have a better chance of survival.

When Asa, a foster volunteer, learned that the kittens were in need of a foster home, she jumped at the chance to assist. Her 7-year-old dog Kona had been looking forward to the arrival of new foster kittens to care for.

For the first time in a few days, Kona had been kitten-free since her last foster kittens were adopted into their permanent homes. ‘After three days of witnessing dejected little Kona moping around, we were finally able to turn her frown upside down,’ Asa explained in an interview.

Blair, a stunning torbie cat, was apprehensive when she first arrived at the shelter. The kitten had little desire to associate with people because she had had little human contact during her life, but Kona appeared to understand just what she need. Not shortly after, Blair began rumbling with her charming purrs and even attempted to comfort-nurse Kona as if she were her own mother.

With a paw on the carrier, Kona expressed her excitement at the prospect of meeting the new kitten. Blair was following her everywhere she went, and she insisted on giving her a bath and snuggles. When the gentle, loving care was shown to the shy little kitten, he was immediately won over.

However, she chose to remain and drink up all of the affection shown to her by her canine companion despite her inclination to flee and conceal herself.

The following day, Blair’s younger brother Chester arrived at his foster family’s residence. The ginger boy needed a great deal of socializing at the time. In the carrier, he remained confined since he was too afraid to venture outside. Needless to say, Kona was there to save the day.

She rushed up to the new kitten and simply walked into the container with him to snuggle with him right away. It felt as if she was leaning on Chester, reassuring him that he was secure. “I have no idea how Kona manages to win over these kittens on a consistent basis. She’s got a special touch, don’t you think? ” Asa added.

Both kittens gradually began to emerge from their shells with the assistance of Kona. They summoned up the bravery to approach their foster mother and ask for goodies, all the while Kona was right there with them, encouraging them on.

Since then, the three have been dozing in a cuddle-puddle together. The kittens feel protected and cherished with Mama Kona by their side, despite their shyness towards strangers.

When Kona and her three babies were saved, she came to Asa as a foster. Asa and the adorable canine found their permanent home together, and she has been a loving mother to every foster cat that has come through their door.

As Kona encourages Blair and Chester to play and try new activities, they are gradually gaining confidence. The adorable Torbie has come to like being caressed and even returns the affection by kissing her owner’s hand. Kona is overjoyed to see how happy her new puppies are, and she continues to shower them with affection on a daily basis.

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A dog takes timid kittens under her care and instills bravery in them… Watch the video here…
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