A cat was left alone in an apartment with her four kittens… There was no chance to survive until…

In an apartment complex, a cat and her four kittens were discovered abandoned. Until aid came, she kept her infants safe. After being left behind in an apartment, a feline family of five was saved from a dangerous scenario. Mellissa, the founder of Tiny but Mighty Kitten Rescue (in Ontario, Canada), noticed a need for assistance and volunteered to take the kittens in.

“After moving to a distant region, their parents abandoned them in such filthy living situation. Luna (the cat mother) and her kittens were left to their own fate,” Mellissa was kind enough to share with us.

Luna was so hungry when she arrived at her foster home that she ate a whole dish of food. She returned to caring and feeding her demanding infants once she was satisfied. “They just deserve so much more than (their current circumstances).”

Despite the trauma, Luna was always cheerful and nice to everyone she met. She was overjoyed with her new home, which was spotless and large, with plenty of comfy blankets and food within easy reach.

“Luna is without a doubt the loveliest cat I’ve ever rescued. She’s a really friendly and loving cat. She is really enamored with everyone and everything,”  Mellissa added.

Luna will calmly wait at the entrance until Mellissa has finished cleaning the room, then go up to her foster mom for attention and petting. “She wants to be in constant touch with me. She is completely enamored with me. I’m wondering whether she was hungry for attention at her prior residence since she just can’t seem to get enough of it now.”

Luna is an excellent mother to her four kittens (three male and one girl) and ensures that they are well-fed and clean from head to tail. In foster care, all four kittens are prospering and achieving one milestone after another. They’ve started eating from a bowl on their own, and they’re becoming more lively and naughty every day.

Lainey, the only female in the litter and a tabby, is the sassiest of them all. She wants more nursing time with her mother and refuses to use the kitten-sized litter boxes in favor of the larger cat litter boxes. “She’s lots of activity and bounces about the kitten area.”

“Luna became acquainted with Leia, my resident cat. She was ecstatic, and he rubbed up against her the moment they met! Luna is so sociable that she needs a break from the kitten area and her kids “Mellissa was kind enough to share with  in an interview. “Luna’s kittens are just as extroverted as she is. They’re all on my lap as soon as I sit down in the room!”

Luna is enjoying more alone time now that the kittens are becoming more independent. She aspires to be the focus of attention she deserves. “When she’s done with her mommy responsibilities and can be spayed and live as a spoilt house cat and it’ll be so joyful for her.”

“This lady is a true angel! She is the most easy-going cat I’ve ever encountered! Whoever is chosen to adopt her will be really fortunate!”

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A cat was left alone in an apartment with her four kittens… There was no chance to survive until…
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